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Worthing District Gang Show 2024 Personalised Mug

Worthing District Gang Show 2024 Personalised Mug

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With a rich history dating back to its origins in the 1960s, The Worthing District Gang Show has been a catalyst for thousands of young people, fostering confidence, honing performance skills, and creating unforgettable memories. From its inception to the present day, the show continues to play a pivotal role in the community, offering a diverse array of performances, including musical numbers, dramatic sketches, and uproarious comedy.

This mug serves as a beacon of enthusiasm for potential cast members. With two casts— the Junior Gang for Cubs and Brownies and the Senior Gang for members of Scouting and Guiding aged between 10 and under 25—the journey promises growth, camaraderie, and a whole lot of fun.

Support The Worthing District Gang Show's legacy and celebrate this milestone with your very own Commemorative China Mug.


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