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Worthing Scouts Pride T-Shirt

Worthing Scouts Pride T-Shirt

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Celebrate diversity and unity with our Worthing Scouts Pride T-Shirt, proudly showcasing the iconic FDL (Fleur-de-lis) emblem in vibrant pride colors. Crafted for members of the Worthing Scouts community, this t-shirt embodies the values of inclusivity, acceptance, and pride in identity.

As you don this t-shirt, feel the sense of belonging and camaraderie that comes with being part of a progressive and forward-thinking scouting organisation. The FDL, representing scouting's rich heritage, is reimagined in the vibrant Colours of pride, symbolising the Scouts' commitment to embracing diversity and supporting LGBTQ+ members and allies.

But it's more than just a t-shirt; it's a symbol of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ scouts and allies. Wear it with pride as you represent the Worthing Scouts community, and let it be a beacon of acceptance and inclusion in the scouting world.

Permission for replication of "THE SCOUTS" logo lies with Worthing Scouts.

FDL will be replaced with the Scouts logo when produced. 

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