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Introducing our STORM Logo Polo Shirt - a versatile and stylish piece that not only keeps you cosy but also shows your support for a worthy cause. Crafted with precision from premium 65% polyester 35%cotton, this polo promises a luxurious experience. Feel the feather-light 180gsm fabric caress your skin, delivering a relaxed fit that's ready for any escapade, all while exuding effortless style.

What truly sets this Polo Shirt apart is the STORM logo proudly emblazoned on the front. When you wear it, you're not just showcasing your style; you're making a statement of support for the Oily Rag Motor Pool. 

Whether you're running errands in town or simply lounging on a relaxed weekend, this T-Shirt offers both comfort and a sense of purpose. It's more than just an article of clothing; it's a way to stand with STORM and make a positive impact. Join us in spreading awareness and supporting the Oily Rag Motor Pool, one comfortable and stylish Polo Shirt at a time.

If you don't see a colour you like please ask.

Please note this is bespoke made to order item therfore non returnable,please see T&C for more information.


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